Fall River Jewish Home

What is Skilled Nursing?

Long-term rehabilitation care elderly patient receiving assistance from professional staff member
Fall River Jewish Home’s Nursing Care (or Long Term Care) Program creates a personalized care plan for each resident. Our residents receive attentive care provided by our skilled nurses and other caregivers. We offer a number of services including round-the-clock nursing care and assistance with daily living activities. With our dedicated team of professional staff, we provide exceptional quality of life to residents staying with us.

What is Skilled Nursing?

Skilled nursing facilities provide care for patients who need help recovering from illness or surgery. They offer 24-hour supervision and medical assistance. Patients usually stay at skilled nursing facilities for various lengths of time after they leave the hospital. In addition to providing physical care, nurses monitor patients’ vital signs, administer medications, and keep records. Some skilled nursing facilities may employ registered professional nurses (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN). Licensed vocational nurses (LVN) typically work under RN’s direction and perform routine tasks. LVNs generally do not prescribe drugs or give injections. Our residents at Fall River Jewish Home are provided with the finest care services that include:
  • Rehab and therapy care
  • IV therapy
  • Wound care
  • Mobile X-ray, EKG and laboratory services
  • Pain management / palliative care
  • Registered dietitian to oversee special dietary needs
  • Patient – family support and counseling by licensed social workers
  • Pharmacy services

The Difference Skilled Nursing Makes in a Patient’s Recovery

Skilled nursing can make all the difference in a patient’s recovery versus simply staying at home. The most common complication after surgery is pneumonia, which occurs in 3% to 5% of cases. Other complications include deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, urinary tract infections, wound dehiscence, sepsis, acute renal failure, and cardiac arrest. Family members or friends attending to a loved one that suffers from any of these complications, outside of a care facility, may not be able to readily identify these serious issues. Fall River Jewish Home’s staff and care plans can make all the difference to keeping your loved one healthy and speeding along their recovery versus them simply recovering at home. The amount of care needed by each individual will vary based on their health history, the current state of health, the type of surgery performed, and any complications that occurred during the procedure. In general terms, most people will require some assistance out of bed, but may only need help bathing, eating meals, getting dressed, and walking around the room. They may also benefit from a trained nurse helping them transfer between activities of daily living and being transferred to and from the operating room.

The Importance of Fall River Jewish Home’s Nursing Care

The importance of skilled nursing facilities cannot be overemphasized. Here at Fall River Jewish Home, we take pride in providing exceptional nursing services. As part of this commitment, we offer 24/7 monitoring of our residents by certified nurses. These professionals work closely with physicians to assess each resident’s needs and develop individual plans of care. This includes daily assessments of vital signs, nutrition intake, hydration levels, pain management, wound care, etc. Skilled nursing staff also assist with routine activities such as bathing, grooming, dressing changes, feeding, exercising, toileting, etc. In addition to direct care, skilled nursing aides often help residents complete personal tasks such as taking medications, preparing meals, and using the telephone. Reach out today and discuss with us the needs of you or a loved one.

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