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Benefits of Short-term Rehabilitation Care

Short-term long-term care patient receiving assistance from staff or loved one
Fall River Jewish Home is proud to serve our community by providing rehabilitation care for various lengths of time necessary to your or your loved one’s needs.  We know that recovery can be a difficult time for an individual with many physical and mental hurdles. To help with this it is important to have access to comprehensive care and understand that it takes time, energy, and commitment to a wellness plan to facilitate a quick recovery.
The staff of Fall River Jewish Home is here to make sure the community doesn’t have to face any challenge alone as our team works collaboratively with your healthcare provider to achieve your goals.

What is Short-Term Care?

Short-term rehabilitation care is a form of treatment for patients who need help recovering from injuries or illnesses. These kinds of rehabilitation centers provide physical therapy, medical assistance, and other treatments to help injured people recover quickly.
In addition to providing physical therapy, short-term rehabilitation care may include psychological counseling, occupational therapy, speech pathology services, social work services, and others. It usually involves staying at the center for several weeks to months, depending on the type and severity of the injury.

Benefits of Short-Term Care

The benefits of short-term rehabilitation care include:

  • Improved outcomes – Patients who receive short-term rehabilitation care often experience better recovery rates and improved quality of life.
  • Reduced length of hospital stays – Short-term rehabilitation care allows patients to recover faster while avoiding unnecessary hospitalization.
  • Better access to health care providers – Short-term rehabilitation facilities allow patients to see doctors and therapists closer to home, reducing travel time and costs.
  • Lower readmission rates – Studies show that short-term rehabilitation care reduces hospital readmissions and improves patient safety.
  • Improved clinical outcomes – Short-term rehabilitation care provides immediate treatment options and close follow-up with physicians, allowing patients to return to normal activities sooner.
  • Less expensive care – Many insurance plans cover short-term rehabilitation care, making it affordable for most people.

Trust in the Care of Fall River Jewish Home

Our difference is the unique way that we provide compassionate and personalized services for our residents and their family members in a safe, healthy environment.
Fall River Jewish Home provides skilled nursing and rehabilitation services to people of all religions. Since its founding in 1925, we’ve cared for the whole person — both physically and emotionally — with a foundation rooted firmly in our cherished Jewish values.
Every resident and family member we serve is different; therefore, our care is customized to meet each person s unique needs. We strive for excellence in all aspects of our care – from patient safety to staff training, and compassionate service. As a result, we believe we provide superior health care at an affordable cost.
Please, reach out to us today and discuss with us your upcoming needs and we’ll explain how we may be able to help in your situation. Let us be your support and help navigate your short-term recovery options.

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