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Three Generations of Summer Fun: Top 5 Tips for Summer Travel with an Older Loved One

Summer road trips with family can create memories that last a lifetime. Especially when those trips include grandparents. With a little advanced planning, you can make this summer’s travel fun and safe for every generation of your family.

New Jersey aging experts from Fall River Jewish Home offer five quick and easy tips to make the most of this summer’s multi-generational travel plans:

  1. Research the local resources of the community you will be traveling to before you leave home. You never know what you might need and it is better to be prepared. For example, does the local Jewish Community Center have an outreach or adult day program that includes respite? It might be a good option for your older loved one if they need a break a few afternoons while the younger generation is at the beach. Or if you would like a caregiver to sit with an older loved one at your hotel or vacation rental so they take a rest break each afternoon while your family goes hiking or biking.
  2. Be prepared to communicate your needs if a loved one has cognitive impairments. In busy airports and car rental centers, getting travelers through the line quickly is usually a top priority. For someone with dementia, that may be overwhelming. For example, the security check point processes at the airport might be frightening for someone with cognitive impairments. Be ready to go ahead of your loved one in line and explain things to airport screeners.
  3. Set realistic expectations. If your family is used to moving through vacations at the speed of light, an older adult traveling with you may not be able to keep up. You will need to resist the temptation to pack your schedule full of events and outings or be prepared make accommodations for them separately.
  4. Consider mobility issues. Many vacations include a lot of walking and hiking. For a loved one with mobility issues, this may be challenging. Find out if attractions have wheelchairs available for loan or rent before you go. That may make outings like the Smithsonian manageable.
  5. Plan to take rest breaks on the road. Many families plan their road travel so it begins at dawn and ends long after dark. With few stops in between. If you are traveling with an elderly loved one, that kind of schedule may not be possible. Think about stopping for the day by late afternoon. Your family can enjoy the hotel pool while your older loved one rests in the room. That way everyone arrives at your vacation destination in good health and good spirits.

We hope these tips help you to better enjoy your summer travel. Don’t forget to capture the memories of your trip by taking lots of photos and video of your parents enjoying your children.

Have you ever taken a three generation road trip? What suggestions do you have to help families who are planning for one?

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