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Four Tips for Grandparents with Grandchildren of a Different Faith

In today’s hectic world, making time for families to come together can be a challenge. The days when grandparents lived just a few doors down from their grandchildren are largely gone. Adult children move away from home to pursue an education or for a career opportunity.  They settle and raise a family in their new home town. Oftentimes that means grandchildren are raised in an interfaith home or with a different religion altogether.

What can a Jewish grandparent do if their grandchildren are being raised in a different faith? Here are a few tips to help you:


1. Put their needs first.

You are, no doubt, disappointed that your grandchild won’t share your faith. Anyone who believes in the convictions of their own religion would be. What you need to try to remember, however, is that there is a role for you in your grandchild’s life. Every child needs the unconditional love and support of their elders.

2. Respect the decision.

The worst thing you can do is try to interfere in the decision your adult child has made. Instead, work on understanding and respecting their choice. This is especially important when you are alone with your grandchild. Don’t try to sway their beliefs or be negative about the issue with them. It will only cause them to be alienated from you and may even cause a permanent riff in the family.

3. Show them the love.

Embrace the wonderful role of being a grandparent. Show them love and support, which will help them understand tolerance and diversity.

4. The cultural experience.

Talk with your adult child to see if they would agree to allow you to share the cultural side of your faith with your grandchildren. It may be teaching them about Passover or Hanukkah from a historical perspective instead of focusing heavily on the religious aspects of it.

Have we missed anything? We would love to hear your suggestions if we have!

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