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End of Life Issues

Is It Time?

One of the most difficult things to experience is to see a parent or loved one reach the end of their life. There are many things to consider while they are in the final stages, and care priorities can shift drastically – with the focus on medicinal measures to palliative care for the relief of […]

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What are Advanced Directives?

Most of us have heard about Advanced Directives. High profile cases like Terri Schiavo in Florida in 2005 have made us all aware that we probably need to have them. But for many, knowing what they are and how to go about setting them up can seem overwhelming. The team at Fall River Jewish Home

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How to Offer End-of-Life Support

If you’ve talked with veteran hospice staff about the months of the year where the most people pass away, many will tell you it is January and February. The National Center for Health Statistics agrees. January typically has the most deaths and February comes in a close second. That means caregivers across the state of

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