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5 Useful Smartphone Apps for Caregivers

U.S. adults are turning to cell phones in greater numbers every year, according to Pew Internet Research. 85% of adults now own cell phones. Of those, more than 53% are smart phones. So it is no surprise to learn that 31% of us have used our smart phone to access health information. What is surprising is how fast that number is rising. It is up from just 17% two years ago. For busy, over-tasked caregivers, smart phones may offer health and time management solutions.

Smartphone Apps for Caregivers

We have all seen the commercials so we know there is an app for almost everything today.
The aging in place experts at Fall River Jewish Home in Massachusetts have combed through the available apps and their consumer reviews to offer you a few suggestions we hope you find helpful.

· Elder 411 and Elder 911 (http://www.elder411.net/) were both developed by a geriatric care manager to help caregivers manage the needs of an elderly loved one. Elder 411 covers
general caregiving topics ranging from home safety to senior finances. Just as the name suggests, Elder 911 was created to help with elder emergency situations. The app can walk you through what to do at various points of an elder care crisis. Both apps are free.

·AT Health Tracker – This helpful, free app records and tracks your daily health information. It acts as a great mobile health information center where you can record your blood pressure, temperate, weight, blood glucose and more.

· WebMD Mobile (http://www.webmd.com/mobile)  – This app offers a mobile version the popular website. Caregivers can use the symptom checker, research medication and site effects
and more. WebMD Mobile is a free app.

· Caregivers Touch – A free app that families of an aging loved one will surely love, Caregivers Touch is a shared app. Individual family members can add data such as a medication list or a physician appointment. Then each family member with access can stay up-to-date and participate in an elderly loved one’s care.

· Pocket First Aid & CPR (http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/CPRAndECC/CommunityTraining/CommunityProducts/Apps—Pocket-First-Aid-CPR_UCM_308819_Article.jsp)   The only paid app to make our list at $3.99. Based on American Heart Association’s guidelines for CPR, this app is just like it sounds. A mobile first aid resource with information at your fingertips in case of an emergency. It can provide you with directions on what to do if the elderly person you care for is choking or having a cardiac
episode. It can also help with basic first aid.

Have you found a mobile app you would like to share with caregivers? We would love to add yours to our list!

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