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3 Ways Volunteering Improves Your Health

Most of us believe that donating our time and talent to support a charitable organization is doing something good for someone less fortunate. What may surprise you is that volunteering is good for your health! Getting involved in volunteer work can be good for your physical and mental well-being.

Health Benefits of Volunteering

Here is what we know about volunteering:

1.  It helps to improve your physical well-being by increasing social interactions and building friendships. People feel less lonely when they are involved in what they feel is a worthwhile cause. It can be especially helpful for older adults who live alone or live far from loved ones. Getting involved can lead to lower blood pressure, reduced feelings of stress, increased endorphins and a more pumped up immune system.

2.  Volunteering can help to improve your self-confidence and boost your self-esteem. The positive energy you feel from helping someone else can actually make you feel better aboutTaking on a volunteer job often leads to developing new skills which can further boost your confidence level.

3.  Evidence shows that people who volunteer actually live longer lives. The sooner you get started, the better off you are.

How to Find a Volunteer Opportunity 

Finding your ideal volunteer opportunity may be easier than you think. There are several organizations that maintain an online database of volunteer opportunities with charitable organizations across the country. Two easy-to-use ones are:

1. VolunteerMatch.org. This comprehensive site connects volunteers with non-profit organizations looking for help. There are 29 different categories of volunteer positions ranging from Environment to Children & Youth.

2. Create the Good. This is an initiative from AARP. Their site has over 7,000 volunteer opportunities nationwide. AARP developed this program because they “recognize that many Boomers and older Americans are already giving back to their communities in their own ways – and that a regular volunteer “position” isn’t a good fit for everyone. With limited time and wide-ranging interests, many individuals are looking for more flexible volunteer options.”

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